Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Friday, July 1, 2016


Hello all. What a great day...we went to the Temple with Hermana C. She does our laundry almost every week and is one of my all-time favorite ladies. She is so kind and wonderful. I have had incredible people take care of me along the way during my mission. Also, yesterday, the 8 members of my District took people who have recently joined the Church to the Temple. We all went together in combis and had so much fun.

I am short on time but we experienced many wonderful miracles over the past week. First of all, we had five investigators in Church! I LOVE the little casa de oracion. There is such a special spirit there. We were able to teach las mujeres jovenes (young women) and it brought me back to all the wonderful times I had during our Laurel's class -- shout out to you Mom! There were just two of them including J who is 12, and M, our investigator who is 14 who has a baptismal date with her brother L on July 30. Woohoo! It was very special to spend time with the two of them during the last hour of Church. We didn't have a lesson planned because we weren't planning on teaching the class so we talked about how God is our loving Heavenly Father and this affects all that we do. It is one of my most favorite principios of the Gospel.

Me in front of a fruit/veggie/candy stand owned by a couple cool investigators who live in La Rey.

My awesome district from the last cycle. Four of them left and four new equally awesome Elders have taken their place.

This is the room where we had Young Women's class -- it is part of la casa de oracion. This was a couple weeks ago when we were helping clean before the first Sunday there.

The pictures above are of Conferencia de Zona de Ixtapaluca! Hermana Martinez and I trained about how important planning is in a little 10 minute workshop that we did four times (split up groups rotating around) and we were in charge of the fun activity to take a break during the conference. We did a relay race of sorts -- four teams of 8 missionaries each. The first compaƱerismo had to do 20 push-ups, then ran to the next pair who did "chubby bunny" (shoving 10 marshmallows in their mouths and saying "conejito gordito"), then that pair ran to the next who had to eat donuts off of strings without their hands, who then went to the last pair who had to blow up a balloon and sit on it to pop it. The first team who finished won chocolate -- like they needed any more sugar! It was a hit if I do say so myself :) We will be doing the same thing tomorrow in Los Reyes with the Los Reyes and Paraiso zones.

This pic is of the rooftops of a sweet mercado (market) where you can buy fruit and lots of other stuff super cheap. Gosh I LOVE MEXICO! I have a couple of very neat experiences to share with you next week. Just so you know, we have three baptisms lined up for July 30 and they are great people with more coming! Also, next Monday we are going to the Guarda with the two Ixtapaluca zones so I don't know how writing will go next week :) I love you so much and have a blast in Chicago!

Love you!

Hermana Jones

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