Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

La Casa de Oración

Hello everybody! Well the big news from last week is that we had our first Sunday in our casa de oración on Sunday, June 19, and it was such a special experience. We were planning for around 30 people... the final count was 62! We ended up having the full three hour services and it was truly wonderful. My companion and I got to teach the class of La Sociedad de Socorro without any notice (that happens often as a missionary) but it was a beautiful class about rescuing the lost sheep from the teachings of Howard W. Hunter. I also helped teach los jovenes and investigadores in the class of principios del evangelio about el dia de reposo and used the old putting mustard and nasty stuff on ice cream example -- that helped get the kids' attention. We were all squeezed into a Church member's home very close to my house and used a few of the rooms to teach classes. We have faith that this little congregation will progress rapidly. It is so fun to be a part of something like this! I made a new friend with a combi driver. His name is Carlos. He recognized me the next time we took a combi and had us sit up front with him so he could talk with us. Love it love it love it :) I have had many small meaningful moments with so many neat people here. I love being a missionary. That is all I can say. Se cuidan mucho :)

Love Hermana Jones

Parent Note:  The following pictures were taken at a recent mission leadership council and posted on Sister Stutznegger's Facebook page.  We are thankful that they take great pictures and share!

The following pictures were taken at a recent Zone Conference and again posted on Sister Stutznegger's Facebook page.  Thank you!

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