Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

So Happy

(Parent Note: the first part of the note below was sent last week and the second was sent yesterday).

February 22, 2016. Basically I am SO HAPPY right now. I love Hermana Lambert so much. We just get out and work and have a great time while doing it! Don't worry about our Spanish, though . We have made a rule that while studying, planning, and working throughout the day we can only speak Spanish. At night after we finish planning and on P days we can converse in English. We have also made a study plan for Spanish so things are going well! It is very rare for two American sisters to serve together in this Mission since there are so few of us. I absolutely love my comp and all that she brings to this area. I also look forward to learning to be a sister training leader with her. We did a lot of hiking and walking and contacting and exploring this week. Also still in the process of cleaning all the mold in our house. I would have normally waged war on it much quicker but for the past six weeks I have been learning a new area, two wards, and training a missionary. But all is much better now! We also have running water in the house again. I have felt like Jack and Jill the past several days, always going out to the cistern for more buckets of water (thankfully no one broke their crown and no one came tumbling after ;) Now that would have been quite a show. Wednesday was a really great day for us this past week. We found three new investigators! One of them is named Margarita and lives in the town to the east of us. We contacted her while she was working in a tortillerĂ­a because there is a painting from the Christ descending in the clouds with angels. We asked her if she knew where that painting is from and started talking to her about the Church. Turns out that the owner is a Church member and Margarita has had some exposure to the Church before. She showed a lot of interest and we will be following up with her on Wednesday! Also, great experience with our investigator Eufrosina. She is dealing with a lot of difficulties so we mentioned Priesthood blessings to her and asked if she would like one. We went back the next day with the ward mission leader of that part of the area, and his son. We explained how faith is required for Priesthood blessings to truly work miracles and shared the story of the woman who was healed because of her faith when touching the hem of the Savior's clothes. She cried during and after the blessing and felt so grateful. We explained the restoration of the Savior’s Priesthood to the earth and invited her to be baptized. She said she needed to talk to her husband about it first. She has come along since we first started teaching her though. She is happy to offer the prayers and talks openly with Heavenly Father whereas before she was nervous to do it. The Bishop and his wife are helping serve her and her three little boys and husband a lot as well so little by little we will get them there.

February 29, 2016. This week has been different and there is not as much to report. It has consisted of staying with President and Mama Stutznegger because my dear sweet companion has been quite ill these past few days. Poor thing! But I did train at the leadership council last week which was actually pretty fun. We stayed the night before in Neza with my trainer, Hermana Llaguarima, and Hermana Wolferts. I had a wonderful talk with Hermana Llaguarima and we had a great time catching up. It was so nice to talk to her again. She made me eggs with hotdogs like she did my first night in the mission and kept complimenting me on how good my Spanish has become (not trying to brag, just reporting what happened :) We talked and laughed for quite awhile. The next morning, Hermana Wolferts took Hermana Lambert to the hospital so Hermana Llaguarima and I trained together at the meeting! haha It was super fun working with her again but actually feeling like I contributed :) Hermana Lambert can now talk again (her throat has been in really bad shape) so we will be training at two zone conferences this coming week. Looking forward to that. Hermana Stutznegger and I went shopping together in the streets of Mexico a little so that was fun :) I also road tripped a little with President and the other Hermana Jones as well to do a Family Home Evening in my two wards back up the mountain. Also, as for cultural experiences, I ate rellena - dark brown cow tripe (stomach) filled with solidified dark brown cow blood - wrapped in a tortilla the other week. It actually didn't taste too bad. Then again, you can eat just about anything wrapped in a tortilla. Story of my life. I love you all so so so much :) Don't you forget it!

Love Hermana Jones

Sights of the countryside in part of my area.

It is very pretty in the mountains here.

We hiked all the way up to this house only to find that it is uninhabited. We are still exploring and finding new parts of our area (this is in the pueblo where we live). We have decided to start focusing more of our time and energies on our other pueblito where there are no Church members.

Hermana Lambert.

Path leading around the house we hiked up to. There are a few houses up there.

This is Hermana Yessica Aldama Macias who lives right down the street from us and served in President and Sister Bowler's mission! She just got back in December and is a sweetheart. 

I meant to send these awhile back but this is when Hermana Carrasco and I went for almost 48 hours without electricity - the whole pueblo was out haha - so we did our planning by candlelight and fried eggs in a pot with a fire-poker, over the fire we successfully made in our fireplace. Not too shabby. Good memories :)

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