Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Just about anything can be turned into a taco.

Hello! I promised last week that I would send more pictures today so here goes.

Last Monday, the members of our zone -- Ixtapaluca 2 -- and the other Ixtapaluca Zone came up to the mountain and visited a Church ranch. This is my lovely comp Hermana Lamby and I. Mission life can be hard at times. But this whole experience is so rich and valuable in so many ways, and I am grateful to be serving. I love the people here and the missionaries that I serve with!

This is my zone all jam packed into a super rickety old combi on our way up to the mountain last Monday. It kept making noises and jerking forward and so on, and so forth, and what not, but we made it up the mountain! We had a great time with the other zone from Ixtapaluca grilling food, playing kickball, volleyball and soccer, and ended with a great zone meeting.

This is my district :) I'm sad because I think the District will be getting changed a bit this next cycle.

What I have discovered here in Mexico is that just about anything can be turned into a taco. So here we are with Elder Reyes holding a lovely taco de hamberguesa -- a hamburger between two tortillas.

We had a great time making carne asada on the grill with puree de papa, arroz, y tortillas.

I can see the volcanoes where I am every day, La Mujer Dormida (Iztaccihuatl in this pictured) and Popocatepetl (Smoking Mountain) farther south. They are so beautiful and covered in snow right now, and Popo is always smoking just a little bit.

My District Leader, Elder C, and me. We planned a training activity with him and his companion from Guatemala Elder R about how to study better in order to more effectively teach the Restoration. As it turns out we matched without even trying hahaha he put his head in his hands on that one.

Me with two of the little girls who are part of the group of little kids who run around following us and giggling. This is in a field near the street where we started contacting all these people. Below you can see RF and beyond that is the highway that takes us back to the Mexico City area (if you're going right) or to Puebla (if you're going left). Chilly day with double layers top to bottom!

Me with a less active woman named Herman E. We taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel and she just lit up, beaming and smiling as she was reminded of principles that she has loved before in her life. She got so excited telling us about how her mom is a convert to the Church, and began talking about one of her friends who she is going to invite into her home to listen to us. Here we are outside her home with her little daughter. Right when we took this picture it began SNOWING. That's right. For about two minutes it snowed up here in little AC. I never ever ever would have thought I would live in a little pueblo in Mexico, let alone see SNOW! It was a Christmas miracle (lisp added).

Me in a ridiculously large Mexican poncho that a nice lady let me borrow because it was FREEZING and raining all the blessed day long. This was taken right after we finished divisions where my companion and I go each went with other missionaries for the day (my first one ever as a STL). I went down the hill to work with Hermana Ramirez and Hermana Carrasco came back up to her old stomping grounds with Hermana Lambert. We all walked in the rain and wind all day. That's just the way I like it! So this is me with my poncho...wish I could have kept it honestly because it's pretty cool and really flattering I think... :)

Hermana Ramirez and me just minutes after leaving the house when the wind totally trashed our umbrella...literally turned it inside out. So, needless to say it was completely and utterly useless to us for the entire day. Blasted wind!

This is chicharron -- deepfried pig fat and skin and possibly other various parts. A really nice woman named G who we contacted was stirring a big giant pot of it and gave us a few bags. We bought some tortillas and made a dinner of it. So delicious but so not good for you, especially when you find a hairy pig wart in the mixture...mmmmmm...:(

I love you all!

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