Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

It was just another enjoyable busy week and I couldn't ask for more.

Hey everybody! We went to Chapultepec Park today (Tuesday, September 6) with Hermana Martinez before she finishes her mission and it was so much fun! It was also fun to take the Metro into the city – sure do love that thing :) People give me weird looks every time I say that. (Chapultepec is the largest city park in the Western Hemisphere. It was originally a retreat for Aztec rulers and later, during Spanish rule, Chapultepec Castle was built there. For a time, Mexican heads of state also lived there. It also has a zoo and two museums.)

It´s good to be back after another crazy week. I honestly don't remember much of what happened but it was all good things. Last Thursday and Friday I went on divisions with Hermana Pinto from Peru and worked in her area -- my old stomping grounds, Fovissste! It was good but also weird to be back. We visited R, the first person I was able to work with and see baptized. We had a very meaningful talk. She has been through a lot this last year but I was able to remind her of the things she needs to be doing and the worth she has as a daughter of God. The look on her face when she opened the door and saw me made my whole day. I was also able to see a few other people I had visited which was nice. My companion and I also enjoyed getting to know the rest of our area a little bit more. There are so many wonderful people we are teaching who are going through tough times and really trying their best. We are teaching a man named J who is so cool. We met him and his brother in the street outside their house. He came to Church this week and was planning on leaving early to go to his soccer game but after watching the John Rowe Moyle video, in the Principios del Evangelio class, he decided to stay. We learned about the principle of effort and sacrifice during that class and it really impacted him. We went to visit him and his mom later that afternoon and he told us that being in Church that morning was a very peaceful experience and that he knows that this is all true. He accepted a baptismal date for October 8th and really wants to keep learning. His mom also accepted baptism (all of the Church members who live on her street are in shock that she even opened the door to us). We have found a few other people who are interested in learning and are making headway with a few Church members who are currently less actives. We also taught a woman that the Elders were teaching who has been listening for awhile. Our zone leaders came with us and we had a great lesson. She is so prepared. When I invited her to be baptized she made one of those bon apetite kisses with her hand in the air and, with tears in her eyes, said yes. It was so sweet :) It was just another enjoyable busy week and I couldn't ask for more. I hope that everyone enjoyed their first week of school!

Love Hermana Jones

The pics above are all from Chapultepec.

Celebrating Hermana Carrasco´s 20th birthday during our zone/district meeting yesterday.

With V and her abuelita.

Hanging up laundry in the house after it got rained on up on the roof haha our clothes did not smell like clean laundry any more.

A view from our rooftop. I love it here!

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