Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

¡Feliz Dìa de Independencia de Mèxico!

Hello everybody and ¡Feliz Dìa de Independencia de Mèxico! This coming Thursday afternoon, and all Friday, we will be holed up in the house once again after hopefully eating lots of pozole and chiles enogadas. I remember last year when Hermana Llaguarima and I ran up to the rooftop of our apartment building to see the fireworks. Hope to do the same again this year :) We had another fast and busy week. We are enjoying working in the two areas and finding more people to teach little by little. There is a tire mechanic place where we teach H, a man with nine kids. He took us and a few others to Church Sunday in one of his beat up taxis :) So just picture me sitting on an old gasoline stained sofa teaching H as he sits on an overturned bucket with El Libro de Mormòn is his hands :) I love it. On Friday we were running from one place to another, late to everything, and it was a little stressful but when we went to eat at a Church members' house I had the opportunity to share Mosìah 8:18 with them -- I remember when you shared that verse in an email with me Dad and it is one that I have enjoyed sharing with many throughout the mission -- and I shared a few tears as I told them how genuinely grateful we are for their service and feeding us in their home. This has been one of my favorite parts of the mission -- learning to truly love people and feel the impact that their service and faith has in my life. We truly are capable of doing miracles in the lives of others.

Something weird happened last night. We went over to a home of some Church members to help one of the family practice speaking in English and honestly...it was a bit difficult for me. Writing in English is fine because I have been doing that every Monday. However, trying to have a normal small-talk conversation, or report, or do interviews, or Church related things in English is hard! Early on I never thought that would happen. I am seeing the fulfillment of part of the blessing I received when I was set apart. I also dream mostly in Spanish now. Last night I woke myself up because I was teaching a lesson in Spanish in my dream. It is really weird because now I neither speak Spanish nor English perfectly haha I am a mess. We did a lot of teaching lessons in the streets and peoples' doorways and store windows this last week. We helped one of our investigators in her work disassembling old jerseys and sorting the pieces of fabric into different bags. The other night we shared with the wife of one of our investigators a list of scriptures that teach the need of a restoration of all things after a great apostasy, as prophesied in the Bible, and how the Bible also prophecies of the Book of Mormon. It is so cool to find and teach and understand these doctrines better and better.

I must say that lately I have started to feel sad about ending the mission and coming to grips with the fact that I will never have the same calling again and all that comes with it. I know it is going to be a hard adjustment. When the time comes a little wise counsel on how to handle that will be appreciated. For now I still have 3 months! :) Well take care this week. That is all I have for now. Please keep Hermana Stutznegger in your prayers! Les quiero!

Hermana Jones

I don't have any pics from events of this last week so here are some long awaited pictures of the inside of my apartment in Izcalli (previous area) in the street Circuito Citlali.

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