Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Por Fin!!!!

Finally! I can write to you all now! I am so sorry for the disappearance the last couple weeks. The Internet was a little grumpy up on the mountain but I am finally able to write to you. I am really sad that the draft I had written didn't save and honestly I don't remember much of what happened back then but I will do my best to fill you in. So much has happened over the last couple of weeks. The past two weeks we have had the lovely Hermana Padilla with us! We have been in a trio with her while she was temporarily put in or mission until everything with her visa worked out. She worked for a cycle in Oriental and has spent these last two weeks with us. I am here at the mission offices writing as we hand off Hermana Padilla. Tonight she flies out to the Missionary Training Center in Brazil to learn Portuguese and then to serve in the Portugal, Lisbon Mission. She is so cool and we are really sad to see her leave! It has been fun being in a trio with her, but Hermana Lamby and I will soldier on. I am so happy to be with her!

The last time I wrote was the Monday before Easter. We did not get out much on Easter weekend and were asked to remain in our little house. It gets fairly crazy around here during Easter and we maintained a low profile. More and Easter in a moment. I don't think I told you about the Relief Society (Church organization for women) activities we have had in the past few weeks so I'll start there. In Monte Corona we had a super fun activity. First we split into groups and visited and sang to a few of the Ward members who have not been coming to Church much. It was a great part of our time together. Then we had lots of fun playing different games, including "broom hockey" and basketball. I must say, these hermanas up here know how to kick trash. I want to start a league team up here with them and I know we would dominate everybody :) After that we ate lots of food, you know, the usual. Okay, second Relief Society activity. In the Jardines Ward, we went to clean the house of a sweet hermana whose son is confined to a wheelchair and many of her family are not very active in the Gospel. I appreciated the opportunity to provide service to that great family. Also, in the process, I discovered that the common household broom, or "escoba", can be used not only to sweep but to mop, scrub toilets, and wash windows. Who knew?! It's amazing! Life changing really :)

After that, Hermana Lambert got sick. AGAIN. So that meant that we just went to one Sacrament Meeting in the morning and spent the rest of Easter in the house. Have a great vacation family! Me too ;) While she slept for hours and hours, I spent some quiet time reading from Liahonas (Church magazine published in Spanish) and the scriptures. It was probably the most peaceful Easter afternoon I have ever had. I truly did feel the love of my Savior and enjoyed time to ponder and think for awhile. Then I was very happy when Hermana Lambert finally woke up because, you know me, I get a little stir crazy without someone to talk to, even more so now that I have become accustomed to having a companion with me haha :) I was grateful for my Easter in the mission field and the opportunity to reflect on the infinite sacrifice of my Savior, for the divine assistance made possible by His grace, and for the gift of resurrection that we all have because of Him. I love Him and am grateful to be one of His full-time servants.

Last Monday we were able to go to the Temple again and it was wonderful as always. It was such a nice day. I am truly grateful for Temples and the role that they have played on this earth since Old Testament times.

As far as other events of interest, the volcano Popocatepetl south of us exploded in recent days...hahaha we didn't feel a thing until Hermana Stutznegger called to make sure we were okay. I was happy to report that no we had not been covered in lava and volcanic ash raining from the sky. It is one of the more active volcanoes in the world and must have felt that it was high time everyone knew it. Also, Hermana Lambert got peed on by a dog while we were teaching about the Restoration of the Gospel in the street. That made my day. Hermana Wong and I are not the only ones (you may recall our shower of sadness ;)

We have found a lot of new people to teach lately. The problem is none of them come to Church. We will keep plugging away at it. After all, "that's just the way we like it!" :D As far as my health goes, the trail mix has been helping a lot but the last few days I have started to feel shaky and trembly again. I drink plenty of water and have some Gatorade and keep a bag of trail mix in my bag at all times. Love you all and have a wonderful week! I am going to spend some time making sure that I successfully send some pictures.

Hermana Jones

We were recently with President and Sister Stutznegger. Love them!!! They let us send this selfie to our families from President's phone recently to let them know we were okay after not hearing from us for a couple of weeks.

Hermana Lambert, Hermana Padilla and me. Good food, good times.

The three amigas working hard, living the dream.

We found a little Don Quijote statue outside a huge ranch in our area.

Sights of sheep herding is common here.

Sopes! So delicious. Hermana Lambert made a few (this is the same legendary kitchen where I attempted to make blue corn tortillas). We were stuffed. Our pleas and cries for less food didn't work this time I am afraid...

Mas sopes!

Familia J. Sanchez :) We are teaching one of them. Her name is R. (Once she is married she wants to be baptized).

I love this family!

Relief Society activity! These women are amazing!


Hermana Lamby and I recently took a little time out to take pictures of each other...just for fun.

 We are enjoying the coming of Spring!

Parent note: Pic of Popocatepetl eruption compliments of the Internet.

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