Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Prospero Año y Felicidad!

Hey everybody! Happy New Year and hello 2016! This is my first email of the year. And, I come home this year. Que loco! No puede ser, en serio. Ok, I am going to write the majority of stuff as I send pics so just a quick little update on me here. The time has come for me to leave the city and the Fovissste Ward! I have changes! This is going to be a very big change for the whole mission due to the boundary adjustments. Almost everyone has changes. By the way, all of the flu vaccinations finally came so I will be helping administer those during changes tomorrow haha :) Alright so guess what? Hermana Carrasco and I are being shipped out to the farthest corner of the new part of the mission in Ixtapaluca! We will potentially be in charge of two Wards where we know absolutely no one. Also, we are going out to the mountains! No more city for me! It is just going to be me, my trainee companion who has 2 months in the mission, and the mountains. Apparently it snows there too so that makes me very happy :) I am so excited....and nervous....and excited! My new areas are HUGE compared to my current area. Literally, we are in no man's land and the area is quite rural. Should be interesting. The sisters who are serving there right now will show us around for a day and then we are on our own. I must say though that I LOVE the people that I have served in my first area and will miss them!

We had a little bit of a scare this week. On Wednesday we had divisions. Hna Wong and I went with Hna Lambert (SO FUN) while Hna Carrasco went with Hna Sic. It came time to meet up again at the church around 8 but when we arrived we found my companion crying and Hna Sic just looking totally dazed. Turns out that they had been assaulted by three men and robbed. They were not physically harmed in any way but my companion's backpack was stolen as well as Hna Sic's phone. Poor things. They are doing just fine though. Later that night, I began to have a little episode. It became harder to breathe, my vision started going fuzzy/sparkly, my hands were purple and sweaty, and my whole body was trembling. The whole week leading up to that point I had felt weak and shaky and finally things just got really weird. Thankfully, the Elders were able to come right over and give me a blessing. Elder Miller wrapped my feet up in his sweater (terrible mistake haha now it's infected with my foot fungus) and I began to feel better. Also, I was able to get in Saturday for medical treatment and some blood tests; everything came back normal so I am not sure what's going on. We were thinking that I might have anemia or something of that nature, but nope. Nothing like that has happened since then but I don't feel 100%. Don't worry though, it might have just been stress:)

Well the next time you hear from me I will be out in my new area! Love you!

Love Hermana Jones

(Parent note:  Please keep Emily in your prayers that she can remain safe and maintain good health.)

Los tiangis! Long long long street markets where people just camp out and sell things under tarps and tents. You can find everything from pig entrails to pirated movies. Haha I mean everything. We have found skirts for a lady who wouldn't come to church because she didn't have anything to wear. The tiangis cover entire streets. We have made friends with a boy who sells fruit and a man who sells the most delicious aguacates (avacados) and makes fresh guac right there. We are faithful clients haha :)

Hermano Levi is THE BEST. He is a teacher at the CCM and is such a huge help. Gonna miss him.

English class (love my kiddos that I teach each week). L to R - Rodrigo, Giovani, Marlene, Cesar, Ivan, and Karla. Darlings!

Esperanza! The most beautiful pan (bread) store in the whole world. Basically a giant bakery of Mexican goodness.

Christmas Eve with the Castillo Family! We enjoyed whacking a Santa piñata and eating romeritos, bacalao, and pavo.

More from Christmas Eve.

Waiting anxiously (can you tell?) outside the Reyes Fuentes home on Christmas Day before talking to you and seeing you on Skype! We were a mess :) 

The Reyes Fuentes Family who we spent Christmas with. Such a wonderful family. Not all of them are shown here but I thanked them profusely on your behalf and mine. 

I took a picture with a real live Mariachi band! Three of them aren't pictured here but they were so excited to take a pic with me haha :) I LOVE their music. 

Hermana Norma. I love this sweet old woman. I have eaten with her every Wednesday since coming to this area. She is an angel and I will dearly miss her. She was baptized in the 1970s. She always has a big bouquet of flowers on her table every week, usually lilies and gerber daisies.

Painting the apartment. THAT was a lot of work.

Peace out to Fovissste 2, my first area, after 5 1/2 months!

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