Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Oh my goodness P days are so plum loco! My schedule was packed today and I am still getting used to traveling a fair distance to be able to write to you. I am writing like a mad woman over here with a very very full stomach and must be brief today due to limited time. My concern of gaining weight in this area is ever increasing more and more rapidly. I ate SIX meals on Saturday. One was breakfast in my house. The other FIVE were in the home of Church members. Everyone wants us to eat with them! I nearly threw up at the table during the comida with the wife of one of the Bishops. Poor thing probably thought that I didn't like the food which is not true but I was really struggling to finish the plate and would have to sit back in my seat at times trying to get it all down. I must have looked ridiculous. Tender mercy though - I offered a silent prayer that I would be able to finish and was able to stuff the rest in. Weird analogy but this and other mission experiences remind me of stories in the scriptures of people who prayed for extra strength to deal with difficult situations. We cannot pray for everything to just magically be okay. We pray for strength, and then we get off our knees and get to work - in this instance, stuffing my mouth full of the ever abundant chicken here in Mexico. However, the lesson is applicable to all hard things that we face in this life.

The Church members here are trying their best to help us find people to teach and I am so grateful for them. Overall, I am discovering that finding people to teach is pretty tough here. We get rejected a lot and some people are not very kind about it. Yet, we seem to end up finding that one person who listens to us and invites us over :) Every contact is worth it.

I made a tortilla this week from maize azul. It is harder than it looks. I squished it too flat so there were a lot of holes in it but I will keep practicing :) We also received some manna this week...in the form if chicken eggs. As it turns out, a chicken visited our yard and laid a couple of eggs there. You know what they say, when life gives you eggs, you cook them and eat them. So, we did :)

We also had a great visit from President and Sister Stutznegger this week as they brought us some additional much needed supplies. I love them so much. I love you all so much, too! Keep spreading the good word! :)

Love Hermana Jones

On the road to my little puebla. Photo credit to the Stutzneggers.

The volcanoes near my new home. Iztaccihuatl (dormant) is closest, and Popocatepetl (active) is farthest. Both are over 17,000 feet above sea level. Photo credit to the Stutzneggers.

Hermana Carrasco and I in our yard. Photo credit to the Stutzneggers.

Girl's best friend.

Making tortillas.

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