Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hello all!

This last week has been a week of growth and learning and it was great! The previous week was very difficult. So at the start of this last week I made myself some goals. As I indicated before, I decided to forget myself and get to work and to try to use the Book of Mormon in every single lesson. What a difference both of these goals made in my life. When we turn outward as the Savior ALWAYS did, instead of turning inward like the “natural man,” we gain a new perspective. We are also blessed. Even when things were most difficult for our Savior, He thought of others first. The scriptures are full of examples. For me, instead of feeling frustrated with people who didn't keep commitments or who were simply no shows for our lessons, I felt a desire to really help them instead. One of our baptismal dates with a man we have been teaching, and who was doing so well, fell through this last week. It was really hard. However, my companion and I realized that he has been dealing with some new situations that have arisen in his life. That realization helped our perspective regarding the timing of his baptism. It all helps me to remember that just having a good attitude, no matter what life brings, is so important.

Something I like to do during our long days in the streets is to laugh :) My companion and I have been much better about laughing lately and it helps me feel happier and healthier! Fun little blurb from the mind of Hermana Jones...in English we have the hymn "There is Sunshine in My Soul Today". In Spanish it is "Tengo Gozo en mi Alma Hoy" which translates to "I have joy in my soul today." During my many hours of walking I have discovered that the words "tengo algo en mi ojo hoy" fit perfectly to the tune of this hymn and it translates to "I have something in my eye today" and for some reason I just find this really funny. So whenever I feel a little down or tired I sing to myself "tengo algo en mi ojo hoy" and laugh myself silly...people maybe think I am crazy but it helps me feel better! Basically, the moral of the story is just find happiness in every aspect of life and learn to laugh and enjoy life :) Sorry, I don't know if this made sense :)

Now to the Book of Mormon! Man I love it. So much. The book of Jacob has become my new favorite. He was such an amazing leader who really tried to lead his people in love and righteousness. Also he throws the hammer down with Sherem in chapter 7 and it is a really good example for missionaries to follow. The lessons in which we used the Book of Mormon this past week were powerful. I love knowing that the prophets who came before Christ knew that He would come one day (Jacob 4:4). The Book of Mormon is in reality another Testament and witness of Jesus Christ.

I am looking forward to General Conference this coming weekend (General Conference is where members of our Church all over the world gather to hear from our Prophet and other Church leaders as they speak from the Conference Center in Salt Lake City). How special it will be to possibly witness the sustaining of 3 new Apostles. I will watch Conference on TV (via satellite transmission) in one of the offices in our Church building where it will be broadcast in English. It will be broadcast, viewed and translated in Spanish in the Chapel. I watched the Women’s General Meeting last Saturday, translated in Spanish, and understood mostly everything. The language is getting much better. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week. LLLLOOOOVVVVE YYYYOOOOUUU!

Hermana Jones

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