Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I have seen people change and come unto Christ, which has helped me change and come unto Him as well.

Happy Monday everybody! It's good to be back once again before starting another week. I must inform you that you all at home are not the only ones celebrating the victory of the dear Chicago Cubs. Here in my ward there is a wonderful family -- La Familia M -- who loves baseball and was rooting for the Cubs right along with me. They kept me informed throughout the week and on Sunday all gave me huge hugs and high fives when they shared the news with me :) hahaha very sweet people and I am happy to have shared that with them down here in Neza.

This week was fun and a little bit difficult as always, but that is just the way we like it! Hermana Torres has now received her visa and begun the process of interviews and final touches. I think she will be going at the same time with me! We will see what happens. On Saturday we were running around like crazy trying to make sure people could go to the Ward Family Home Evening in the Visitor's Center. After spending the whole day doing that we arrived with a little micro full of people and spent the evening with just 23 members and 1 investigator. I'll admit, I was pretty frustrated but we pressed forward and did the best we could. The evening was centered on Jesus Christ and the Atonement. The Elders and my companion and I took a little bit of time to share messages, and the majority of it was taken by an hermano from the Ward who is a doctor and talked about a recent medical study about the physical trials the Savior went through in Gethsemane and on Calvary. Although the projector didn't work and we just listened instead, it was very impactful and very special for the 24 people who went. The following Sunday many of those who went shared their testimony, including our 14 year old investigator who is the son of H, and he said in front of the whole congregation that he knows that the Church is true and hopes that the hermanas (us) can teach him more about Christ. His dad H also got up and expressed how much he loves us which really means a lot. We were able to do a fast with him to help him stop drinking completely, and he loved the whole experience.

The mission is by far the hardest thing I have ever done but definitely the most rewarding experience I have ever had because I have seen people change and come unto Christ, which has helped me change and come unto Him as well. Our efforts may appear to be in vain or futile but I promise all of you that every time we do our best to help another person, how every big or small the act my be, it means something and measures up. Love you all :)

Hermana Jones

PS I’m still having issues with my camera :(

Parent Note:

The following pictures were taken by Sister Stutznegger of children celebrating Day of the Dead.

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