Hermana Jones

Hermana Jones

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It´s funny how after awhile you forget about maybe looking silly and just go for it. This message is that important!

Hey there! Life continues to move quickly here in Mexico. We are already finishing May. What in the blazes is going on here?! Solamente me falta seis meses en la misión y no estoy lista a terminar!!!!!! Pero bueno, así es la vida (I only have 6 months left on my mission and I am not ready to finish! But, such is life). Hermana Lambert and I had a good week. Many of our lesson appointments fell through so we just hit the streets and contacted and knocked doors and taught mini lessons on doorsteps and through windows and had ourselves a grand old time. It´s funny how after awhile you forget about maybe looking silly and just go for it. This message is that important! As we knocked doors on one street we knocked a certain door and realized that the man there was leaning out the window up on the second floor waiting for us to notice him. I shouted up to him and we began talking and teaching. He really liked what we had to say and complimented us for not having difficulty teaching him from down below. He wants us to come back and visit. It was also cool because he actually lives in a different house that we pass by all the time and he always wondered why we didn't knock his door and has been hoping that we would. His name is Benito and I am looking forward to teaching him. We took our investigator J and her son F to El Centro de Visitantes (Temple visitor’s center) and set another baptismal date with them for July 2. On Sunday we walked over to her house to pick her up for Church and she was already out the door on her way when we got there. It feels good to have someone progressing :)

Funny little side note...during a recent weekly meeting with our ward mission leader, rather than being able to participate, our ward mission leader sent me to the corner to make white bread meat and cheese sandwiches for all of the Elders hahahahahahahahaha I was laughing so hard. hehehe. Anywho, remember the kid I told you about who was so excited to get El Libro de Mormón? Well, he is still reading it and loves it. He thought it was so cool how the iron rod in Lehi's vision represents the word of God. Also, he shared with us that he prayed before reading one time, opened the book, and landed on 1 Nefi 10:19 that says that to those who search diligently will be unfolded the mysteries of God. It is his new favorite scripture. We just need him to come to Church now. It is hard because he works in a bakery in the city with a crazy schedule trying to support his mom and sister. We will find a way to get him there though! He is such a cool guy. We have found 30 new investigators in the three weeks that we have been here but just can't get people attend Church. We are really going to focus on that this week.

I have learned some great things personally this week thanks to people in my life right now. One of which is that I cannot always see the big picture of the story, or how things are going to turn out. I am just a small part of something much bigger than me and can't see what may happen to the people I talk to and teach at this time. Every good thing we do has good consequences. Also, thanks to an Elder in the mission, one of my new favorite scriptures is in 1 Nefi 2 where Nefi says "And my father Lehi dwelt in a tent." Lehi was a very wealthy man who gave up everything he had and dwelt in a tent in the desert for years because he loved the Lord, and being obedient was more important to him than all of his worldly possessions. That is a good reminder for all of us.

Love Hermana Honess :P

This is of one of our colonias in my new area. It is an AWESOME place. 

This was the goodbye fiesta we had with our adorable English class who I loved so much back in my previous area. I have never felt so much love from little kids. Unfortunately, not all of them are in this picture ):

This is La Familia P C, also from my previous area. Hermano E was our ward mission leader for the Jardines ward. This family means so much to me. I have a very personal connection that I will share with you when I get back. I don't want to share any super sensitive info over email but I love them a lot. We taught early morning Seminary our last week and a half in that area for Hermana M, the mom, because she had health issues.

This pic is of me with La Familia S S who let us use their computers to Skype you guys on Mother’s Day. They lived across the street from us and I LOVE them. I helped D, the bigger of the two boys, practice a little bit of vibrato on his violin. The pic was taken after I Skyped you.

Pics at a recent mission leadership council. Photo credit to Hermana Nebeker.

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